Aithon A90h Concrete Fire Protection

Aithon A90h Concrete Fire Protection

Upgrading concrete soffits to current standards

Concrete buildings from the post war generation used different methods to form the firewalls and floors.

Nowadays this does not meet current standards of fire protection and will require an upgrade. Aithon A90H can provide that additional protection.

Photo of the building structure and fire protection work carried out on the Black Lion House by FST.

Benefits of Aithon A90h Concrete

Fast Application

Options for upgrading soffits and walls are a board solution or a paint solution. Aithon A90H is a fully tested intumescent paint than can be sprayed directly onto the concrete to provide the protection upgrade. The speed of application is considerably faster than the boarding option, as well as being considerably more cost effective.

BS EN 13381-3 & BS EN 13501-2

Aithon A90H has been fully tested to the required standards of modern building practise.

Assessed by BRE to BS EN 13381-3. Classified BS EN 13501-2. Concrete slabs to REI 240.

Maximise Internal Space

The benefits of using a paint system is the coating is normally 1-2mm in depth, as opposed to a board system using around 100mm of ceiling height depth.

World Leading Concrete Fire Protection

Aithon was developed in Italy with the purpose of protecting older listed buildings without the required compartmental fire rating between floors. A Cover survey can assess the required amount of AithonA90H needed to give the upgraded performance.

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