Fire Mortar Compound

Fire Mortar Compound

Benefits of Fire Mortar Compound

Openings through floors can be sealed with loadbearing mortar to provide a solid platform with up to 4 hours protection from fire spread.

Photo of a fire mortar compound sealing an opening on a concrete building.

Benefits of Fire Mortar Compound

Fire Protection

Mortar seals vary in thickness dependant on the fire rating requirement. Seals must be of a certain thickness to achieve a load bearing capacity. Additional strengthening rods can be added to the mortar if required, due to size.

Load Bearing

A solid, lightweight, fire rated shutter is used to form a base in the required opening. Then a mortar is mixed on site and poured onto the shutter to a depth of 75-100mm, depending on the required fire performance. Once cured this provides a fire rated, load bearing platform to enable operatives to work on.


Compared to a traditional shutter and concrete pour, the mortar system is much more cost effective and more suitable for dealing with service penetrations.

FIRAS 3rd Party Accreditation

FST Services are accredited with FIRAS 3rd party compliance scheme for intumescent paint and firestopping through walls, floors and the building envelope.

FIRAS registration no GM0845.

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